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Coach Europe 2022
perjantai, 19 elo 15:00 - sunnuntai, 21 elo 15:00
Parkour Akatemia Vallila
Teollisuuskatu 16, 00510 Helsinki
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The Finnish Parkour Association is proud to present the second Coach Europe event, a community focused, parkour coaching and networking event that will move to different European parkour communities every year.

What is Coach Europe 2022?
This year's Coach Europe will be held in Helsinki, Finland in August 19th-21st. It will be three days of sharing and development for parkour coaches and parkour community members from all over the continent and beyond. It's an opportunity to test and help shape new ideas in a nurturing environment, and to be immersed in and learn with your host community.

Who should attend?
We are looking for open, enthusiastic, community-minded participants! Any European based parkour coaches, or interested parkour community members, are welcome. All we ask is that whether running a workshop of your own, or attending someone else's, you contribute to the best of your ability and learn from each other.

What do I get with the ticket?
- Welcoming Jam in Finland's best parkour spots near the event venue
- Workshops featuring our guest coaches from around Europe
- A chance to share and experiment your own coaching ideas and concepts
- Networking possibilities to different European parkour communities
- Indoor training in Parkour Akatemia Vallila's gym
- Accommodation at Parkour Akatemia Vallila
- Fun times with great people!

The event is held in co-operation with our main sponsor Parkour Akatemia and the host of the previous Coach Europe event Parkour Outreach.
The language of the event is English.

Contact information:
Event producer Panda Ilén: panu.ilen@parkour.fi or +358504050844
Facebook: Suomen Parkour Ry
Instagram: @parkour.fi
SPY staff only
34.61 €
+ 2.88 € palvelumaksu
For Sivistymättömät 2022 goers only
51.46 €
+ 3.52 € palvelumaksu
Full weekend ticket
70.73 €
+ 4.25 € palvelumaksu