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Tuki / UKK
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Ticted v2
The Power of Two
lauantai, 19 loka 19:00 - 21:00
Sibelius Museum
Piispankatu 17, 20500 Turku
Tapahtuman kuvaus
The time has once again come for two quartets to join forces and offer you a fantastic evening filled with music! During the evening the quartets will perform the best pieces of their repertoires, among others Star Wars, James Bond, Civilization IV, Coldplay, Elvis, Galenskaparna – some performed together!

Kvartetten Lök was established in 2006 and has for many years performed in and outside of Turku. The quartet has collaborated with Åbo Akademi University on many occasions, and typically performs at academic festivities, weddings and private events. The trademark of Lök is a touch of humor and the continuous renewal of the repertoire.

Kvartetten The Inbetweeners consists of seasoned singers seeking new challenges, aiming to sing contemporary music with a bit of comedy and theatrics flavored on top. The quartet has, in addition to performing on parties and events, participated in and won several quartet competitions.

💒 Where?
The Sibelius Museum in Turku, Piispankatu 17

📅 When?
19th October at 19:00, the doors open at 18:30

🤘 How?
ADVANCE tickets From Ticted
Tickets AT THE DOOR Cash or card
Price 15 € / 10 € (students, elderly, children)

Lasts about 2 hours, including coffee break.

Limited availability - get your tickets now!
9.05 €
+ 0.95 € palvelumaksu
13.45 €
+ 1.55 € palvelumaksu